New Majority Update

Posted 9/28/2012

With November 6th fast approaching, we wanted to take a moment to update you on the campaigns of each of the US Senate candidates that Senator Rubio has endorsed.

As you’ll see below, all of these races are close.

Josh Mandel
The approval rating of Mandel’s liberal opponent, Senator Sherrod Brown, has fallen among Ohio voters to just 38 percent.  Knowing he can’t run on a strong record, Senator Brown has spent millions of dollars on attack ads against Josh Mandel.

Senator Rubio recently attended a rally in Ohio in which he made the case for Mandel directly to Ohio voters. He laid out the national stakes for this race, stating, “Here is the bottom line: We can’t take back the Senate if Josh Mandel is not elected.” Senator Rubio is right, and we’ll need your continued help to ensure he prevails.

Richard Mourdock
In one of the tightest races in the country, Richard Mourdock is running against Rep. Joe Donnelly to be the junior US Senator from Indiana. Mourdock has been a strong fiscal conservative in his role as Indiana’s state treasurer, helping to balance the state’s budget while in office.

Donnelly’s attacks on Mourdock’s strong fiscal sense are failing. As Mourdock’s spokesman, Christopher Conner, recently said, “After spending over $1 million in negative TV ads against Richard Mourdock, Congressman Joe Donnelly still can’t move his numbers out of the margin of error.” Nevertheless, the polls continue to reflect a race that’s nearly neck-and-neck.

Scott Brown
A recent poll from this week shows Senator Scott Brown leading Elizabeth Warren by six points, but don’t expect Warren to back down. A liberal elite and former Harvard professor, Warren is just the type of senator President Obama would love to have in office.

Brown recently responded to Warren’s never-ending attacks by saying, “Instead of talking about things that matter, like jobs, she’s being dishonest about who I am and what I stand for.” Team Reclaim wants to help Brown get the word out about who he really is. As Senator Rubio wrote to you in an email in July, “I know Scott is a dedicated husband, loving father, and principled public servant.”

Dean Heller
Nevada Senator Dean Heller and his opponent, Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley, are locked in a virtual tie according to recent polling. The two are battling to join Nevada’s other US senator,Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Senator Rubio understands the significance of this race and recently campaigned for Heller in Reno. “In many ways,” Rubio explained, “the voters in Nevada are not just deciding who their next senator will be, they are deciding who the next majority leader will be.”

By assisting each of the candidates listed above, we have an opportunity to ensure that America has a Republican Senate that will promote limited government and real, sustainable economic growth.