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Marco on Immigration

Marco appeared on seven Sunday morning talk shows on 04/14/2013 to discuss the new immigration bill- here’s a recap.

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.@MarcoRubio just finished taping interviews w/ ABC, NBC, CBS & CNN. He’s currently w/ Univision. Up next is FOX… All are must-see TV.Alex Conant
Marco on Immigration (Fox News Sunday)marcorubio
Marco on Immigration (State of the Union)marcorubio
GOP Sen. Marco Rubio says proposed immigration bill won’t offer amnesty to any who entered U.S. illegally: -MMThe Associated Press
Rubio on @FoxNewsSunday: This isn’t amnesty… Road for undocumented tough, but fair &…Alex Conant
Marco on Immigration (This Week)marcorubio
Marco on Immigration (Face The Nation)marcorubio
Sen. Marco Rubio @senmarcorubio embraces dynamic scoring for immigration reform growth benefits to econ (and deficit). Good for him. #tcotLarry Kudlow
Marco on Immigration (Meet The Press)marcorubio