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The Hill: Rubio to Refocus on ObamaCare Repeal in Wake of IRS Scandal

Posted 5/29/2013

The Hill
By: Pete Kasperowicz

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says he will increase his focus this summer on the need to repeal ObamaCare, after the IRS targeting scandal has shown that U.S. tax collectors are not fit to implement the law.

“[T]he only answer to this is to repeal ObamaCare,” Rubio said of the IRS scandal in a Wednesday video on his website. “It’s just one more reason why this law is going to be a disaster for our country.

“And in the months to come, I’m really going to focus on the issue of repealing ObamaCare, because in addition to the IRS’s role, there is all sorts of other problems with regards to ObamaCare that we need to answer.”
Rubio has been criticized in recent weeks for favoring an immigration reform bill that many Republicans say would create a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants and require people to trust that the government would crack down on illegal border crossings.

On ObamaCare, Rubio’s comments were much more in line with those of other Republicans. He said the IRS scandal shows the IRS is either “targeting people because of their political views, or is incompetent.”

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