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[Politico] Marco Rubio: ‘Third world’ tactics

Posted 5/15/2013

By: Kevin Cirilli

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says President Barack Obama’s administration is using “Third World” tactics to target political opponents.

“What’s become clearly apparent is a culture throughout the federal government — not just the IRS, but the Department of Justice, the State Department, etc.,” Rubio said on Fox News on Tuesday. “We have seen that now through three difference incidents that basically use the government as an instrument of political activity to target your political opponents, to make life difficult for the people that are saying things that you don’t like, to make things difficult for whistle blowers that are saying things about the State Department that you don’t like.”

He continued: “And I believe all of that comes from the top of any organization. So I think that’s where the questions are increasingly leading and it’s embarrassing for the country. These are things you typically see in the Third World from unestablished republics and other places.”

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