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Myth vs. Fact on Immigration

Follow the facts on the new immigration bill.

Storified by Marco Rubio· Mon, Apr 22 2013 08:31:36

MYTH vs. FACT: There Is An “Amnesty Phone”, It Calls For Open-Ended Funding & Covers 7 Million People: Rubio Press
MYTH vs. FACT: Immigration Bill Contains Pet Projects For Florida’s Cruise Industry: #ImmigrationReformSenator Rubio Press
MYTH vs. FACT: Border Commission Is Another Do-Nothing Washington Gimmick: #ImmigrationReformSenator Rubio Press
MYTH vs. FACT: Federal Benefits For Illegal Immigrants: #ImmigrationReformSenator Rubio Press
This afternoon, @MarcoRubio discussed #ImmigrationReform on the Senate floor. WATCH HERE: Rubio Press
Senator @MarcoRubio Launches "Immigration Reform Facts" Web Page: Check it out here: Rubio Press
MYTH VS. FACT: No, Junk Lawsuits Cannot Derail Security Triggers: #ImmigrationReformSenator Rubio Press
MYTH vs. FACT: Incorrect To Say This Bill Is Amnesty: #ImmigrationReformSenator Rubio Press
MEDIA ADVISORY: Senators To Outline Bipartisan #ImmigrationReform Proposal Thursday at 2:30 PM: Rubio Press
MYTH vs. FACT: Simply Wrong To Report Illegal Immigrants Would Be Granted Immediate Status: Rubio Press
MYTH vs. FACT: The Perils Of Peddling An “Amnesty Phone” Myth: Rubio Press
MYTH vs. FACT: A Cautionary Tale Of How Immigration Myths Don’t Pan Out: #ImmigrationReformSenator Rubio Press
MYTH vs. FACT: Security Triggers: #ImmigrationReformSenator Rubio Press
Here is the text of the #immigrationreform bill. I look forward to an extensive & open discussion and debate. #tcotMarco Rubio
Have questions about immigration reform? Read our FAQ:…Alex Conant
Here’s a 1-page summary of the bipartisan immigration reform bill:…Alex Conant
Senator @MarcoRubio Discusses #Immigration Proposal w/ @MedvedSHOW: Rubio Press
Fact Checking Today’s #Immigration News Reports: Rubio Press